Capillus Laser Cap Review (2021)- Worth OR Not?

Just a few years back, using laser therapy to treat hair loss and promote hair growth was considered expensive and risky. But now it is easy, safe, and affordable to use.

The credit for making laser therapy convenient for mass goes to the scientist, doctors, and technical teams working day and night to make this possible.

If you are reading this article about Capillus Review means you are willing to buy a laser cap to cure your uncontrolled and rapid hair fall.

But before buying a laser cap for hair growth, there are lots of things you need to know to make a smart buy decision.

To help you get the best laser cap, I am here with an unbiased Capillus Laser Cap Review and my experience of using this product.

A couple of years back, when I was facing uncontrolled hair fall, I tried lots of hair growth shampoo, serums, and supplements, but the result was unsatisfactory.

Capillus Review

Then my dermatologist suggested laser treatment. But as mentioned earlier, going for a laser treatment was not as easy as using Hair growth shampoo or hair growth supplements.

So after going through lots of personal research and getting feedback from real users of laser caps. I decided to use the Capillus Laser Cap.

Even today, there are not many candid and real reviews of this product available on the internet.

This makes me write a detailed and unbiased Capillus Laser Cap review based on my experience with it.

So, People like you and me looking for a laser cap for hair loss treatment can make a smart choice.

Capillus Review

As I have mentioned above, a decade back, Laser treatments for hair loss were not as easy and convenient as now. To make it easily accessible to the masses, there are lots of effort and resources are used.

Capillus is one of those companies which put all effort into making high-quality laser caps to treat hair fall.

Capillus was founded in 2012, and since then, every passing day, they are making world-class medical laser devices and hair growth products globally.

Now, this company is well known across the globe; it is all due to its high quality, effective, and affordable medical laser devices.

It offers three different versions of Laser Cap based on power and the number of lasers used in the laser cap.

 These three versions of the Capillus Laser Cap are: –

Capillus Laser Cap Review

All these three devices are approved by the FDA, which itself is enough to indicate the effectiveness and safety of the therapy. You can buy all Capillus Laser Caps from Amazon.

If you wish to check all these FDA clearances and certifications for Capillus Laser Cap, you can visit Capillus’s official site to know more in detail.

As per the claims made by Capllius after using Capillus 272 for 17 weeks on different patients suffering from hair loss and an increase in 51% of hair the count is witnessed.

How does Capillus Laser Cap Work?

The Capillus device used LLLT- Low-Level Laser Therapy. In this technology, light is generated from a low-power laser ranging between 600-1000 nanometers.

This range is considered safe for human beings. These laser lights easily penetrate the scalps and are absorbed by the hair follicles.

Once it is absorbed by the hair follicles, it enhances the metabolism in hair cells and energies the hair follicles, which stimulates natural hair growth.

During Low-Level Laser Therapy, aka LLLT, the blood flow increases in cells, which means that delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles gets improved. I use Folexin Supplement with a laser cap to get the required nutrients for hair follicles.

Once the required amount of nutrients and oxygen reaches through the blood to the hair’s root, it improves the strengthening of hair, thus preventing it from falling.

Does Capillus Laser Cap Work?

Many studies and tests claim that Low-level laser therapy, also known as Cold Laser Therapy, is one of the most effective treatments for hair loss.

As mentioned above, the Capillus laser cap holds the clearance and approvals from the FDA, which itself confirms its ability of these caps to treat hair fall.

No matter if you are a man or a woman, at the end of the therapy, you will witness a lot of new hair on your scalps.

Apart from all these studies and tests, If you ask me, Does Capillus laser Caps work? 

Based on my experience, let me tell you very loud and clear – Yeah, it works.

Is It safe to use Capillus Laser Caps at home?

In all my reviews never miss writing about the side effects and safety concerns with the particular products.

Here in Capillus Laser Caps Review, I am here with the fact which proves Capillus laser caps are safe for home use.

As per the claims made by Capillus on its official website, all three devices have gone through multiple safety tests and studies to find any possible side effects.

Capillus Review

After doing lots of tests and trials, the test team of Capillus, which includes doctors, scientists, and other concerned experts, found this product harmless for home use.

All the guidelines issued by the FDA are followed in every stage of making Capillus laser caps. It also matches all the other necessary precautionary measures and guidelines imposed by the FDA.

I hope these above points are enough to prove that Capillus laser caps are safe for use at home.

Note: It is my advice never to stare directly at the laser, because like all lasers light, it may harm your eyes. In some cases, there might be a chance that it causes a severe eye problem.

I am not a doctor or a laser expert; please visit the official site to know the safety and precautions major in detail.

What are the differences between Capillus devices?

The major difference between these three versions of Capillus laser caps is the number of lasers used, and based on it, the price of all these three versions also varies.

The CapillusUltra uses 82 lasers and costs $999 while the Pro version, CapillusPro, uses 272 lasers.

More than three times, the total number of lasers used in CapillusUltra. Similarly, CapillusPlus contains 202 lasers.

As the number of lasers increases, the area covered by these lasers also increases. As a result, the user gets a better and faster result.

If you ask me which one, I was using my answer CapillusPlus, which contains 202 lasers, and for me, it was excellent, and the results were also good. 

So it is totally up to you to choose any out of the three as per your budget.

Capillus Before and After Results

Here are some before and after results shared by CapillusPro laser therapy users-

Final Verdict: Is Capillus Laser Caps Worth A buy?

The Capillus is a globally known brand of medical laser device. If I specifically talk about Capillus laser caps, it comes in three versions, and all these three versions are recognized by the FDA, which proves the effectiveness of these Laser caps to treat hair falls. There is no such side effect reported by its user.

The best thing about this therapy is:- it can be used with any other hair growth products (I’m using Folexin).

Based on my personal experience with this product, I recommend it. It would be best if you take some effective hair growth supplements with Capillus Laser Cap.

So if you want to buy a Capillus Laser Cap, you can go for it. It will not disappoint you.

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