Does Chlorine Cause Hair Loss?

Here loss at an early age is prevalent these days. It may be due to various reasons, such as deficiency of nutrients, hormonal imbalance, a side effect of medical treatment, and the essential water quality in which you expose your hair.

Even after trying hair growth pills and dedicated hair growth shampoo, if you are not getting the expected result, it’s time to check your water quality.

There are reports which state that hard water cause hair loss. Some reports and experts also claim that the presence of chlorine in water also causes hair loss.

In this article, I am here with all the facts and myths related to does chlorine cause Hair loss or not?

To know whether chlorine is the main culprit for your hair fall or you are experiencing hair fall and hair thining a reason other than chlorine, read this article does chlorine water causes hair loss to end.

Does Chlorine cause hair loss

What is Chlorine?

Chlorine is a chemical element most commonly used for water purification.

Chlorine is obtained from salt, and once it is mixed in water, it kills germs causing various diseases and makes water safe to drink.

Apart from this, it is also used to make many products related to public health and safety, advanced technology, medicine, and nutrition.

After reading the above paragraph, there might be a question in your mind that, if chlorine is this much crucial for safe drinking water and our health, how can it cause hair loss?

Don’t worry; I am here to answer all your questions.

So, now its time to check Does Chlorine Cause Hair Loss, or it is just a myth.

Does Chlorine Cause Hair Loss

Chlorine Cause Hair Loss

There is no doubt that Chlorine is one of the most important chemical elements related to our day to day life.

It makes water safe for drinking and keeps our body safe from the diseases that cause germs present in water.

Due to this chlorine property, it is also used in the swimming pool to disinfect the water.

Now come to the main topic of our article, Does Chlorine Cause hair loss?

The answer is NO.

As per the study report, if you expose your hair to chlorine within a limit, it does not cause hair loss or hair thinning.

But the high exposure of hair in chlorine or pool containing chlorine may cause agitated, dry, and flaky scalp, it leads to the hair fall.

So, if you don’t spend much time in a swimming pool, then you do not need to worry about it.

Will chlorine change the color of my hair?

Another myth about chlorine is “Chlorine changes the hair color.” But the fact is Chlorine does not change the hair color.

Some people, who spend a lot of time in a pool may experience greenish tint in their hair, but it is not due to the chlorine.

The Greenish tint appears due to the oxidized metals, such as copper present in water.

How To Reduce Hair Damage Caused By Chlorine 

Even if swimming is a part of your daily routine, you do not need to worry. There is a very easy and effective method to reduce hair damage due to chlorine.

You need to wash your hair with normal water(Chlorine free) before diving into the pool.

Once you wet your hair with fresh water, the hair strand absorbed the water, and there will be no space remains for chlorine water, and thus your hair is safe from chlorine.

The second thing you need to do is to wash your hair with a hair growth shampoo to remove all the chemical traces present on your scalp every time you come out from the pool.

To find the best and effective shampoo, you can check my previous article on hair growth shampoo reviews.

Along with shampoo, I recommend you take Folexin for fast recovery of damaged hair.


In this article, Does Chlorine Cause Hair Loss? I have covered all the facts related to the chlorine and its role in hair fall.

After going through lots of details and speaking with experts, I found Chlorine’s cause hair fall is a half-truth.

In general, chlorine does not cause hair fall, but the excess exposure of hair in chlorine water or a pool may cause dry, agitated, and flaky scalp.

To cure hair loss caused by chlorine, I recommend you to take Folexin Hair Growth Supplement.

Folexin contains clinically approved hair growth ingredients such as Biotin, Fo-Ti, Folic Acid, and vitamins, which support fast hair growth.

It also required nutrients to the scalp and keeps your scalp healthy. No matter your hair falls cause reason by any which reason, Folexin will cure it for sure.

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