iRestore Professional Kit Review- Does It Works?

A few years back, I ordered the iRestore Professional Kit for my hubby. He was going through heavy hair fall and I cannot see him bald.

At the same time, I too was facing the hair loss problem, so I also worried about myself.

In this guide, I’m going to share the iRestore Review with my personal experience. So, that you can decide- whether you should buy it or not.

What is iRestore?

iRestore Professional

iRestore is an advanced hair growth laser therapy kit that helps in reducing hair loss problems.

It’s an FDA-approved device made to stop hair fall and helps in growing new hair. The iRestore Professional Kit contains multiple devices, medicines, and serum.

Irrespective of gender, iRestore works. The iRestore helmet has a set of 282 laser beam and LED’s to give extreme energy to hair scalps.

The company behind this product is- Freedom Laser Therapy founded by Craig Nabat in 2003.

The iRestore Professional Kit has a great design that reaches every side of your head. It energizes all the scalp that treats all the hairline, temples, and lower crown.

iRestore Professional Kit Review

iRestore Professional Kit

The company is well-recognized in producing hair growth products. iRestore Professional Kit is one that gained insane popularity among the people.

It’s one of the most suitable laser hair therapy that can be used with any other hair growth supplements.

The professional kit contains a laser and LED packed helmet that got approval from the FDA.

Apart from the laser helmet, you’ll find some hair growth serums, shampoo, conditioner, and a specially developed 3-in-1 hair growth formula by iRestore. It’s easy to wear and move. The device is powered by the battery, hence you can wear while moving around your hours.

How iRestore Works?

iRestore uses laser and LED lights to energize the scalps of hair. The company developed this device to maintain a specific intensity of the laser light with accurate wavelength and lumen capacity.

iRestore Helmet

The laser beams developed by iRestore Helmet penetrate deeper while LED lights stimulate the energy to all over the hair scalps. Hence, the dead cells absorb the light energy and rejuvenate dormant hair follicles.

The increased blood flow across the scalps and other areas free up sebum to make hair thicker and healthier. Also, it helps in growing new hair.

The device is primarily based on two fundamentals-

  1. Power- Strenght of the light.
  2. Wavelength- Color of the light.

iRestore research team is experienced and expert in hair growth. They have taken care of both. (That’s why they got FDA approval ðŸĪŠ)

The over penetration and high power of light could lead to adverse effects. But, the iRestore Kit takes care of it. You’ll experience the result after 3-months of use. For a faster and reliable result, you can use Folexin hair growth supplements.

iRestore Professional V/S iRestore Essential

There are two laser devices provided by iRestore. One is- iRestore Professional and the second one is- iRestore Essential.

The iRestore Professional is the latest invention by the company. It’s more effective and powerful than the previous edition. Here’s a quick comparison between both the iRestore devices-

iRestore ProfessionaliRestore Essential
282 medical-grade laser and LED.51 medical-grade laser and LED.
Faster hair growth result.Comparatively slow growth.
Extended scalp coverage over side and back.Top scalp, hair line, and crown coverage.
12-months guarantee.12-months guarantee.


The iRestore Professional is available for $1195 while iRestore Essential is priced at $695. It’s a one-time investment. However, you can go for a complete package (including hair growth serum, shampoo, conditioner, and a specially developed 3-in-1 hair growth formula by iRestore) at $1255 (with iRestore Professional) and $755 (with iRestore Essential).

Additionally, the company provides the iRestore Rechargeable Battery package at $69.99 (for Professional) and $39.99 (for Essential).

In short-

iRestore Professional KitiRestore Essential Kit
Rechargeable BatteryRechargeable Battery
  • iRestore is FDA approved, hence no chance of Scam.
  • It can be used with any other hair growth products.
  • The overall hair therapy cost is quite cheaper than saloons.
  • Far better than any other traditional laser therapy device.
  • The company provides 12-months warranty.
  • The result may be notice after at least 4 months.

Does iRestore Really Works?

A few months back, I ordered the iRestore Professional Kit for my husband. The kit includes many hair growth products such as anti-hair loss shampoo, anti-thinning conditioner, anti-hair loss serum, and 3-in-1 hair growth formula.

The iRestore supplement formula contains biotin, saw palmetto and DHT blocker. These are the major nutrients for hair growth. Also, the iRestore Professional helmet is FDA approved and many other users found it useful.

Now, you ask me- Does iRestore Really Works?

So, my answer is here-

I and my husband, both are using iRestore and I would say- it’s hard to evaluate it so early. However, my husband’s hair seems quite thick from the past.

I also noticed some hair growth on my head. But, I’m using Folexin as my hair growth supplement.

I would say- iRestore definitely works because my husband’s hair is thicker than the past. Also, his hair fall is reduced to a great extent.

iRestore Before and After Results

Here are some before and after results shared by iRestore Professional laser therapy users-

iRestore Review
iRestore 9-months use
iRestore Before After Result
iRestore 7-months use
iRestore 8-months use
iRestore 8-months use

Final Verdict

The iRestore Professional device is well-popular laser hair growth therapy that helps in growing new hair by increasing the blood flow across the sculps.

It can be used with any other hair growth products (I’m using Folexin) while my husband is using iRestore Supplements.

I would definitely recommend this product. Because my husband can notice the difference after 4-months of use. You should go for iRestore Device with Folexin Hair Growth Supplements.

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