Neofollics Review (2021)- Scam OR Not?

I know you’re facing hair loss that’s why you’re looking for the Neofollics review. In this article, I’m going to write all the Pros & Cons of Neofollics Tablets & Lotion.

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Out of several known causes of hair loss, the most common cause of hair fall is lack of required nutrition which leads to hair fall and hair thinning.

There are several hair growth supplements available in the market, but all are not good and effective as Folexin. It’s the most effective natural hair loss supplement for both Male and Females.

Note– There are thousands of people using Folexin Hair Supplement because it treats all types of baldness. It’s a blend of pure organic ingredients that stop hair loss permanently without any side effects.
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The famous Neofollics Hair Technology has also introduced Neofollics Hair growth tablets. If you want to give it a try, read my unbiased and detailed Neofollics Review to know will it delivers what it claims?

Every brand claims that they are the best in their categories, but it is a fact that most of these brand fails to achieve even 20% of the claims made by them.

To help thousands of people who are hunting for an effective solution to cure their hair fall; I decided to write an honest review of the various hair care product which I have used or used by my clients under my supervision.

In this “Neofollics Review“, I will cover all the information, its major side effect, and my experience with Neofollics tablets along with other expert opinions. Based on this information you can smartly decide whether you need to buy it or should look for some other alternatives.

Neofollics Review

Neofollics Review

Neofollics hair technology is a Netherland based company, known for its various types of effective hair care products which include Neofollics shampoo, Neofollics lotion, Neofollics hair growth tablets, etc.

To meet the nutritional required value for the healthy hair growth Neofollics comes up with Neofollics hair growth tablets.

Neofollics claims that all its product is based on the latest research on medical and cosmetic science. Based on this research they select their active ingredients to makes their product as an effective hair solution for all.

These tablets use different ingredients which are useful for the treatment of hair fall and hair thinning.

You can buy Neofollics from the official website of Neofollics Hair Technology or you can also buy it from Amazon and other sites.


As per the Neofollics, the combination of ingredients used in their product is the USP of their products.

In this section of the Neofollics review, I will discuss all the key ingredients used in Neofollics hair growth tablets.

Neofollcs use the famous Saw Pallemato as one of the main. There are several scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of Saw palmetto as a DHT inhibitor.

The Saw Palmetto control DHT (dihydrotestosterone) formation, which causes damage to the hair follicles, leads to hair fall and hair thinning.

Apart from the saw palmetto the other ingredients which are used in 1neofollices hair growth tablet ar

  • Stinging Nettle Extract
  • Red Clover extract
  • EGCG and isoflavones
  • amino acid
  • biotin and
  • Vitamins

How to use Neofollics Tablets for the Best Result?

The Neofollics tablet can be used by both men and women suffering from hair thinning and hair loss problems.

As per the recommendations made by Neofollics, you can take 1-3 tablets per day, depending upon your stage of hair fall.

 For the best result, you can take three tablets a day after meals. Once you start witnessing the outcome, you can reduce your dose of three pills to one or two tablets in a day.

You can also combine Neofollics hair supplement tablets with hair care shampoo and other hair care products for better results.

Note: It is recommended to consult your doctor before using any type of hair supplement, and thus, before taking Neofollics tablets, please consult your doctor to avoid any kind of health problem.

 Does Neofollics Works? My Experience with Neofollics.

If you are a regular reader of my various hair growth product reviews, you know it, but for the first-time reader, I would like to mention I only write the reviews of hair care products which I had personally used, or my clients had used in my supervision.

In this section of my “Neofollics Review“, I am here to share my real experience with Neofollics hair growth tablets.

Neofollics contain Saw Palmetto and another natural extract as ingredients that are clinically proven for hair regrowth.

But, I don’t find it promising even after taking the recommended dosage of Neofollics tablets for three months.

Though I notice some reduction in hair fall in the first month later, I found that it was not a long-lasting result. My hair shedding gets started again like never before.

It was a tough period for me, but fortunately, I came to know about the Folexin hair supplement emerged as a savior for me.

If you want to give it a try Neofollics, I don’t recommend it.

Instead, you should try the Folexin hair growth supplement for a promising result. It also contains other clinically proven ingredients like Biotin, Fo-Ti, etc.

 Neofolloics does not work for me even after regular use for three months, but it doesn’t mean that it will not work for other people.

There might be a chance that it works after daily use for more than six months or even more than it.

Neofollics Pros and Cons.

In this section of Neofollics Review, I will share the pros and cons of Neofollics tablets. By going through these small points, you will have an overview of the effectiveness of this product. Let’s have a look.

  • It uses all natural ingredients which are safe to use.
  • It has no side effects like chemical based hair products.
  • It is effective in blocking DHT.
  • It can be used by both men and women above 18 years.
  • It give slower result. Folexin having all these ingredients and gives faster result.
  • It’s costlier than other products.
  • You may notice some side effects in certain circumstances.

Final Verdict: Are Neofollics Tables are Effective?

In this Neofollics Review, I have covered all the informational details and my experience with Neofollics. 

Based on this information, you can easily decide whether this product worth your try or Not.

If you ask me, Neofollics is a scam or not. I can say Neofollics is not a scam, but I found the Folexin hair growth supplement more useful in controlling hair thinning and hair fall. 

So, If you want to cure your hair fall problem in comparatively less time and more efficiently I recommend you should try Folexin.

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