Plantur 39 Review- Does It Works?

Hair fall can be started at any age, there is no specific age restriction for hair fall, But in case of women, in most of the case Hair fall start after 40 years.

In the late 30s and early 40s, estrogen levels decrease in women and testosterone levels increase. These hormonal changes in women body cause hair fall.

In my late 30s, I also experienced hair fall, and one of my cousins suggested me to use Plantur 39 shampoo. A dedicated shampoo developed to cure hair fall in premenopausal women.

To help thousands of women like me who are looking for a good hair growth shampoo, I am here with an unbiased Plantur 39 Shampoo Review.

Plantur 39 Review

Plantur 39 Review

Plantur 39 is one of the most popular hair growth product available in the market. Dr Wolff, the men behind Plantur 39, also makes different hair growth product other than shampoo, which includes conditioners, a tonic for hair growth and many more.

Plantur 39 is dedicated to the women who experience hair fall with the onset of menopause, but it is equally beneficial for young women as well.

The active ingredients used in this product enhance natural hair growth and it is equally good for men and women.

Ingredients Used In Plantur 39

It is the ingredient of any product which makes the product useful or ineffective. This is why I always keep ingredients on top of my priority.

In the case of Plantur 39, the primary active key ingredient is caffeine. One of the clinically proven ingredients which promote hair growth and reduce the chance of hair fall.

Caffeine block DHT and Testosterone-one of the leading reason behind hair fall in women late 30 and early 40s.

The active caffeine ingredients easily penetrate the hair follicles do hold on to individual hairs.

The Plantur 39 contains Phyto-caffeine complex with a natural wheat extract which is restoring the strength of dry and porous hair and as the result of it, you get a thick and more durable hair.

Is Plantur 39 equally useful for Men and Women?

Plantur 39 Before and after Use

In this Plantur 39 reviews, I will clear all the confusion on Plantur 39 effectiveness on hair loss in men. Here we go.

Even though it is officially claimed that Plantur 39 is a dedicated Shampoo for a Premenopausal woman, who is experiencing hair loss due to the hormonal changes and the onset of menopause.

But the fact is this product Plantur 39 is equally suitable for men who are experiencing hair loss.

It is equally effective in treating male pattern Bladness because the active ingredient of this product Caffeine efficiently blocks DHT- the primary reason behind the pattern baldness in men.

I am claiming it because I, along with my husband, use this product, and we both notice an improvement in our hair growth.

If you compare Alpecine a primary hair loss shampoo for men and Plantur 39 you will find all the ingredients used in these two products are almost identical.

It means that Men can also use Plantur 39 to cure their pattern baldness.

Pros and Cons of Plantur 39

Here’s come the one of the most crucial section of my Plantur 39 Review. In this section, I have noted down all the significant benefits and side effect which you can experince after using Plantur 39.

Based on these pros and cons, you can quickly identify that is this product worth a try or not?

Let’s start with Pros first…


Plantur 39 is one of the few hair loss products out there with a huge number of positive reviews which can reverse hair loss.

Several users claim that immediate new hair growth around the hairline within few weeks of usage.

Plantur 39 uses caffeine as an active ingredient which a known agent which blocks testosterone and prevents hair loss.

And finally, as per my experience, a combination of Plantur 39 with a hair growth supplement gives an outstanding result.


Nothing is perfect and the same implies with all hair loss products, Here are some of the negative Plantur 39 review available on different online platforms.

In some cases, it causes itching on the scalp. If you experience a long-lasting itching just after putting Plantur 39 shampoo on scalps immediately wash it.

The Plantur 39 products are expensive as compared to other caffeine base hair growth shampoo, and not worth the price.

Hair loss continued once you stop using these products.

After knowing all details now its time to understand how to use Plantur 39 Shampoo?

How To Use Plantur 39 Shampoo

There is no hard and fast rule for using Plantur 39. The Plantur 39 recommends to use shampoo and conditioner daily.

But it is not compulsory if you are experiencing less hair fall you can use it on an alternate day, or you can use it every day it is up to you.

For getting the best result, I apply Plantur 39 on my scalp and massage it evenly with my fingers.

I leave it on the scalp for at least 3 minutes so that the caffeine present in the shampoo can penetrate to hair follicles easily and then washed it.

Instead of leaving 3 minutes on your scalp, you can also wash it after leaving it for 2 minutes.

Final Verdict: Is Plantur 39 Worth a Buy?

Like all hair growth product, you can’t expect miracles from Plantur 39. It is not fair to expect scalp full of hair within one month of using Plantur 39.

But after regularly using it for a couple of months, you will witness hair growth and a reduction in hair fall.

The active ingredient caffeine is a clinically proven hair growth ingredients.

The regular use of Caffeine shampoo and conditioner is always considering as good for health.

If I talk about my experince with Plantur 39, it was not up to the expectation. Be clear I am not talking about miracles I am talking about hope.

Once I combine it with Folexin a hair growth supplement, then the result was outstanding.

So, If you want to get the best result, I will suggest you combine Folexin -A Biotin Supplement with Plantur 39, and then you will get the best hair growth like never before.

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