Regenepure Review (DR & NT Shampoo)- Does It Works?

Regenepure is a USA-based company that provides a wide range of hair care products. It includes- Regenepure DR Shampoo, Regenepure NT Shampoo, Volumizing Biotin Conditioner, Hair Loss Supplement, Minoxidil Spray for Men, and Minoxidil Spray for Women.

If you’re thinking to buy any of the above-listed products, make sure you check the customer’s feedback. In this article, I’m going to write the Regenepure Review.

I’m trying to provide all the important information about Regenepure hair care products. Don’t skip any paragraph and keep reading…

What is Regenepure?

Regenepure is a well-known brand that provides lots of hair solution products. The Regenepure DR and Regenepure NT shampoo have got lots of attention.

Regenepure intense volumizing Biotin conditioner has gained lots of popularity worldwide.

But, are they actually work? Because there are lots of negative feedback too. Hence, it became tough to make any purchase decision.

In this guide, I’ll try to share my personal experience with Regenepure DR Shampoo.

Do Regenepure DR & NT Shampoo Stops Hair Fall?

Regenepure Review

Regenepure DR is a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo formulated for both men and women. It’s a great DHT blocker shampoo that contains nourishing ingredients like saw palmetto, emu oil, and caffeine.

It also contains vitamin B6 that rejuvenates your hair and scalp. All these ingredients work as a better DHT blocker. After using it for 2 weeks you’ll definitely notice the result. It stops hair thining and blocks DHT hormones.

Regenepure NT is another nourishing shampoo that fights against dry scalp and follicles. The company recommends using both Regenepure DR and NT shampoo together for better results.

Pro Tip- Regenepure DR blocks DHT hormones. It is only useful if the main cause of hair fall is the DHT hormone. I recommend you to go for Folexin that treats all kinds of hair fall problems naturally. Folexin is the most trustworthy hair growth supplement.


  • Regenepure DR is free from sulfates and parabens.
  • It blocks DHT hormones.
  • It can be used by both: Men and Women.
  • It cleans hair and scalp thoroughly.


  • It doesn’t stop hair fall permanently.
  • It is only useful if hair fall is due to DHT hormones.

I personally suggest the Folexin hair growth supplement for both, men and women. It treats all kinds of hair loss problems and gives a permanent solution.

How To Use Regenepure DR & NT Shampoo?

How to use Regenepure Shampoo

First of all, wash your hair with water. Then take Regenepure DR shampoo on your palm and apply it across your head. Now massage this shampoo so that it reaches the root of hair and scalp. Leave it for 3-5 minutes then rinse with water.

Now, take a small amount of Regenepure NT shampoo on your palm and apply. Then massage it thoroughly so that it reaches all hair scalp. Rinse it with water and repeat if necessary.


I hope you enjoyed reading this Regenepure DR and NT review. If you don’t know what is the actual cause of your hair fall, it’s not useful. Rather, I recommend you to wash your hair with Regenepure DR and NT both and take Folexin regularly.

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