VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Vitamins Review

Are you still hunting for a permanent solution to cure your annoying hair fall? Why not you try Folexin hair supplement one of the most effective hair care product of the century.

Even if you want to give a try to VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Vitamins. Before giving it a try to read my detailed and well-researched VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Review with real user feedback.

A few years back I was one of you, hunting for a perfect solution for my hair fall problem and it comes to an end with Folexin hair supplement.

But in this course of time, to cure my hair fall, I have tried various shampoo, serum, supplements, and much more. VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Vitamins is one of them which I also used.

Many of my regular readers mailed me asking about Perfectil vitamins. For my regular reader and thousands of other women who are willing to give it a try, I am here with a detailed “VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Vitamins Review”.

VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Review

VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Review

It is Vitabiotic behind the Perfectil. Vitabiotcs is a well-established UK based brand with specialisation in Vitamins and mineral-based health supplement.

As per the claims made by the manufacturer of Perfectil- it provides selected micronutrients to nourish hair from inside.

The vitamins and mineral used in it promote the health of hair follicles apart from the hair it is equally effective for glowing skin and healthy hair.

If you start using it regularly, the micronutrients used in this product not only support your hair growth but also provide strength to nails and make your skin glowing.

Ingredients used in VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Vitamins 

Like most of the hair growth supplement, VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Vitamins also used Biotin as the key ingredients. Along with Selenium, zinc and other traced ingredient.

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, also known as Vitamin H. The deficiency of Biton in the body is the main reason behind the hair fall in both male and female. It is obtained from a natural source it makes it safe, and it does not cause any severe side effect.

Selenium supports the natural growth and maintenance of hair.

Zinc enhances the production of sebum in the right amount.

Apart from these key ingredients in VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Vitamins other active trace ingredients are also used such as Amino Acids, Marine Collagen, Inositol and Grape Seed extract etc.

A total of 28 micronutrients are used to make VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Vitamins as an effective hair supplement.


Regarding the use of VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Vitamins, there is a guideline issued by the manufacturer which you strictly need to follow.

  • As per the guideline and instruction published by the manufacturer, it is recommended to take two capsules every day along with your main meal.
  • Swallow the tablet with water or cold drink only.
  • Never take Perfectil tablets on a half-full or empty stomach. It is only be taken on a full stomach.
  • Gluten-Free.
  • No Lactose.
  • No Preservatives.
  • No Artifical Colour.
  • Not sutable for all.
  • Dangrous for kids.
  • Not approved from FDA.

Is it safe to take VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Vitamins?

In my case, I did not experience any side effect. If you take it as per the instructions, there is very less chance of any side effect. 

But if you are under medical supervision, pregnant, breastfeeding or have any type of allergy and health issue, it is recommended by VitaBiotics to consult your doctor before taking Perfectil Hair Vitamins.

  • Don’t chew the tablet in mouth. The only way to take it is to swallow with water or a cold drink.
  • It is not suitable for children. Keep it far away from the sight and reach of children. 
  •  Always store in temperature below 25 Degree centigrade in a dry place.  


There are several fancy claims made by the manufacturer of Perfectil but I don’t find any documented proof of the claims made by the manufacturer of Perfectil.

Before using this product, you need to consult your doctor. To avoid any type of side effect. There are lots of restrictions regarding its use.

After going through all this, I recommend you to use Folexin– a Biotin based hair supplement made of natural ingredients such as Fo-Ti, Vitamin B, Zinc etc.

As most of the ingredients used in Floxien are organic and natural, it does not cause any severe side effect and can be used by both male and female of all age group.

So it is batter to go with Folexin hair growth supplement safe and effective hair supplement with proven result. 

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