Best Hair Growth Supplements for Women

Hair fall is the major problem a girl faces in her teenage. If you too going through a hair loss problem, you should take care of your diet.

Make sure your daily intake contains all necessary vitamins and minerals that prevent hair loss. Full fill the requirement of these necessary vitamins and mineral, I am here with the list of best Hair Growth Supplement for women.

Women’s hormones are different than men. That’s why female hair growth supplements vary with men’s hair growth supplements. One might work for males but not for females. Even it depends of individuals hormonal structure.

Is hair growth supplement works for females?

As I said earlier, the requirements of vitamins and minerals differ from person-to-person. Due to this, there are lots of hair growth supplements available in the market but, if you ask me about the best hair growth supplements, I recommend Folexin to everyone.

It’s because- Folexin contains Biotin, To-Fi, and many other natural ingredients that give assured results without any side effects.

If we talk about the effectiveness of a hair growth supplement it may vary with person to person, but the one thing which I can say based on my experienced and expert opinion, it will definitely help you.

By taking a proper hair growth supplement, you can full fill these requirements of nutrients to a great extent. But the discussion is about Is all Hair growth supplement for females are effective or not?

Once you look for a dedicated hair growth supplement for females, you will find lots of products, but getting the best out of these products is our priority.

Like most American women, I also had a horrible experience of hair fall and hair thinning. But, Thank God! now, my hair problems are almost cured. In this process, I have tried different hair growth Shampoo, laser caps, and various hair growth supplements.

Most Effective Hair Growth Supplement for Women

It is scientifically proven that hair problems’ primary cause is the deficiency of various nutrients and vitamins in our body, which play a significant role in hair growth.

To help you get the best women’s hair supplements based on my experience, expert’s opinion, and thousands of users’ feedback, I am here with a list of five hair growth supplement for women.

Are you ready to pick the most effective Women Hair growth Supplement? Here we go.

1. Folexin

After going through lots of user reviews, hair expert’s opinions, my experience, and various approvals and certifications. I found Folexin the best deserving hair growth supplement to be on top of this list.

Hair Growth Supplement for women

Folexin claims to be the Best Hair Growth Supplement for both males and females. Somewhere I’m also convinced by this claim. I’ll explain why?

It’s one of the best hair growth supplements produced by Vita Balance. It is made of natural ingredients that are most useful to cure hair loss.

The key ingredients used in the Folexin Hair Supplement are:- Biotin, Fo-Ti, Vitamin C, Folic Acids, etc. 

  • Long lasting effect.
  • It is equally suited for the women of all age groups.
  • It does not cause any side effects..
  • It doesn’t give overnight result.

2. Nutrafol

In my list of Hair Growth Supplement for women, the product which manages to get the second position is Nutrafol.


It is a well effective hair growth supplement. It contains a proprietary blend of active ingredients such as Vitamin E, Ashwagandha, Biotin, and Keratin.

The ingredients used in this product naturally rebalance the stress and androgen hormones and neutralizing free radicals.

  • It neutralizing free radicals.
  • Best suited for hair thining caused by stress and aging.
  • Naturally rebalance the stress and androgen hormones.
  • Not suited for all type of hair fall.

3. Viviscal

It is a leading brand known for its wide range of hair care products. The Viviscal Hair Growth supplement for women is scientifically formulated with the active marine complex AminoMartTm, which is most effective in curing hair thinning and enhancing healthy hair growth.


The key ingredients used in Vivscales are Niacin, Vitamin C, Silica, Biotin, and other trace ingredients.

  • Promote exiting hair growth for women of all age groups..
  • It is a clinically tested hair growth supplement for women.
  • It is scientifically formulated with active marine complex AminoMartTm.
  • Not suited for individuals with fish or shellfish allergies.

4. Ultrax Lab Hair Rush

Ultrax Lab is a well-established brand manufacturing a wide range of hair care products. You might have heard about the famous Ultrax Lab Surge Shampoo.

Ultrax Lab Hair Rush

The Ultrax Lab Hair Rash is a blend of ingredients that are highly effective in curing hair fall and hair thinning problems in women and men.

The key ingredients used in Ultrax Lab Hair Rush Supplement are Keratin, Nettle Leaf Powder, Gotu Kola Powder, L Lysine Hydrochloride, and other trace ingredients.

  • It reduces hair loss conspicuously.
  • It also promotes healthy nails and skin..
  • Can be used with surge shampoo.
  • It will take atleast 3 month to notice its result.

5. Propidren

Propidren is one of the most effective and famous hair growth supplements for females and men. As most of us know that excess DHT is the primary cause of hair fall and baldness.


The ingredients used in Propidren are very useful in controlling DHT. If the cause of your hair fall is DHT, then the Propidren DHT Blocker Supplement is the best-suited hair supplement for you.

The key ingredients used in Propidren are Saw Palmetto and Biotin; these two are known for their effectiveness in preventing hair loss and stimulate hair follicles to stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth.

  • Most effective DHT blocker.
  • Stimulate hair follicles to stop hair loss .
  • It contain mostly proven and time-tested vitamins, minerals.
  • Not effective in hair fall cause byother than DHT.

6. Keranique KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Health Supplement

Keranique KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Health Supplement is an effective and powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, Phytonutrients, and micronutrients, promoting hair strengthening and reducing hair fall and hair thinning.


Apart from hair regrowth, it is also supported scalp health and other health issues causing hair fall.

The key ingredients used in Keranique KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Health Supplement are Biotin, KeraViatin 10 Complex, and Capixly. These all ingredients together make it a perfect hair growth supplement for women.

You can combine it with the hair growth shampoo and conditioner to promising results. The regular use of Keranique KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Health Supplement can cure your hair fall problem to a great extent.

  • Powered by Intelli-Dose Targeted Delivery, which enhances and optimizes bioavailability.
  • Support strong hair and a healthy scalp.
  • Specifically developed for women.
  • You do not see hair regrowth in less than six months.

7. BioSchwartz Hair Growth Vitamins with Biotin

As we all know, the main reason behind hair fall in women is the lack of vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy hair.

Best Women Hair Growth Supplement

Keeping this in mind, the BioSchwartz has developed this BioSchwartz Hair Growth Vitamins with Biotin to full fill the need for vitamins minerals, and other micronutrient needs for healthy hair growth in women.

As the name itself make it loud and clear, the main ingredients of this product are Biotin, but apart from Biotin, other ingredients also provide nourishing benefits to the women’s hair.

  • Contains NO GMO’s, artificial ingredients, fillers, binders, preservatives or chemicals.
  • It cures thinning hair, hair loss, bald patches, and other hair related problem.
  • Dedicated to women.
  • Expensive.

8. HairAnew Hair Growth Supplement with Biotin

It is developed to address the nutritional differences and cause hair loss, hair thinning, and slow hair regrowth. The HairAnew hair growth supplement with biotin provides a strong foundation for faster, longer, and healthier hair growth.


The best thing about this product is it is equally suited for all types oh hair no matter your hair is straight or curly, black or brown, the HairAnew hair growth supplement suits you.

The key ingredient of this supplement is Biotin’s lack of which leads to the hair fall. It contains no collagen or animal products – it’s completely vegan/vegetarian.

  • No compromise with quality at any stage of production.
  • Suited for all hair types.
  • It will take 180 days to witness significant result.

Note: Before using any of the above mentioned Hair Growth Supplement for Women it is advisable to consult your doctor or dermatologist to avoid any risk of side effects or other medical concerns.


I hope that you like this list of hair growth supplements for women. All the above-listed supplements are good that is why they’re on my list.

But it is also true the result of these supplements may vary from person to person.

In my case, Folexin Hair Supplements gives me an outstanding result. So, if you want to give a try hair growth supplement it is better to go with Folexin.

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