How To Grow Hair Faster?

Growing your hair requires a lot of patience and the process cannot take place overnight, as advertised. Everyone is super cautious of their hair and wants them to be shiny, bouncy, long, and healthy.

Since hairstyles can make or break your look, we all are super obsessed with them. Not only this, if you have healthy and lustrous hair then it definitely makes you look younger.

However, a receding hairline can do quite some damage to your appearance. While some people are truly blessed and have naturally gorgeous hair, the rest of us have to work hard to achieve our hair goals.

How To Grow Hair Faster?

We have created a list of practical tips for both men and women that will help you in growing your hair faster. Let’s get into the article and see how you can transform your hair by changing a few habits.

How To Grow Hair Faster For Men

How to grow hair faster

Since men and women have different requirements for hair growth, we have divided the article into two parts. Here are some useful tips that will help in stimulating hair growth in men

1. Do not wash your hair daily

One thing that men do wrong is that they wash their hair on a daily basis which is a big no. We understand that men have shorter hair and it is easy to wash and dry them but do not fall for this urge. Our hair contains natural oils and nutrients that are vital for hair growth.

Washing your hair daily will simply rip off these significant oils from your hair and make them prone to breakage. Wash your hair on alternate days to maintain a balance.

If the climate is forcing you to wash your hair every day then strictly id shampoos. Instead, you can apply a conditioner daily to keep away the dryness.

2. Lukewarm water for hair

If you love to take a shower in chilly water then it is okay but please do not wash your hair with cold water. It can be quite damaging for your scalp so always prefer lukewarm water.

Whether you are shampooing your hair, conditioning or simply making it wet, always use lukewarm water.

Cooler temperatures can inhibit the capillaries on the scalp that carry nutrients. For hair cells to be in great condition, it is vital that your blood vessels are active.

Keep in mind that using hot water can also be harmful to your hair.

3. Cut your hair regularly

Some people believe that cutting or trimming your hair stimulates hair growth while others entirely reject this theory.

There can be only two reasons for cutting your hair: either you want to shorten the length or you want to trim away the damaged hair.

When you cut split ends or the damaged hair, it does not necessarily promote hair growth but it certainly does promote healthy hair. Schedule your haircut appointments every 3-4 weeks to maintain the quality of your hair.

4. Brush your hair but to a limit

First of all, ensure that you are using a gentle hairbrush that is suited for your hair type. Brushing your hair helps in evenly distributing the natural oils present in your hair.

Of course, brushing your hair makes it look more appealing and stylish but it also promotes blood circulation to the scalp.

However, do not keep doing this all day long and just use the brush 2-3 times a day. Some men have a habit of constantly adjusting their hair with a brush or with their fingerings. However, this can lead to hair fall or can make your hair oily quite rapidly.

5. Avoid hair styling products

Reduce the use of hair products to keep them healthy. If you are fond of gels, hair wax and other such hair products then see to it that they are organic and are made up with the purest of ingredients. Do not risk your hair for chemical-based products.

Minimize the use of these products as some of them can really damage your hair and can be a reason for hair fall. Stay away from dryers or styling tools and only use them when it is absolutely necessary.

How To Grow Hair Faster For Women

Grow hair faster women

Moving forward, here are some tips for women that will help in growing their hair faster. Also, you should ensure that you’re eating enough nutrients daily that promotes hair growth.

You can read this article where we have listed the top-rated tested hair growth supplement for women.

1. No blondes

Bleaching your hair can be so damaging so opt-out of going blonde if you wish to grow your hair quickly. Go for dark colors that are semi-permanent or and will not do much to your hair. Highlighting and coloring your hair comes at a cost that cannot be paid with money.

It can cause split ends and broken hair so you will eventually have to get a haircut to end these problems. Therefore, keep your hair natural when you are working on growing the lengths.

2. Change your bath towels

Most of us use a towel and tie it around our hair tightly in loops so the hair becomes dry. However, this can cause a great deal of damage to your hair. When the hair is wet, it is in its most fragile state and prone to breakage.

Even if you are not brushing it while it’s wet, you have to keep it in a snag-free environment. We recommend that you start using a t-shirt, preferably a cotton t-shirt to tie your hair when it is wet.  Otherwise, you can also invest in a hair turban that will keep your hair loose.

3. Use a silk pillowcase

Yes, using a silk pillowcase is highly beneficial for your hair. After all, these small habits and changes in your lifestyle are the factors that decide the growth of your hair. Remove the cotton covers from your pillows and replace them with silk pillowcases.

Silk will let your hair glide effortlessly without creating any friction. Since there is going to be no friction, your hair will not become dry and will not pull or hurt your scalp.

Keep your hair untangled and sorted with silk pillowcases and you will see a difference in the breakage of your hair.

4. Massage your scalp

Having healthy hair and a healthy scalp go hand in hand. If you want a healthy scalp then start massaging it with your favorite essential and carrier oils.

Massaging will not only bring more blood to the scalp and increase blood circulation but will also help in stimulating hair growth.

Try to get a scalp massage once or twice a week to avail the maximum benefits. Do not be too harsh and oil your hair gently.

5. Say goodbye to styling tools

Healthy hair can never prevail if you use too much dryer, curling iron, or a straightener. Especially if you are styling your wet or damp hair then you are practically frying it.

Indulge in natural ways or DIY of styling your hair to save yourself from the horrors of hair breakage and hair loss. Use products that protect your hair from heating tools.


These were some tips that you should follow in order to grow your hair fast. Eat healthily, exercise daily, and improve your lifestyle by cultivating good habits. Also, do not stress too much over your hair. Make a hair care routine, follow it and see how your hair will transform.

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