How To Stop Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Do you know what bariatric surgery is? Most people may be unaware of this process. So, let us first understand this surgery. Bariatric surgery is also known by the name of weight loss surgery or gastric bypass surgery.

The surgery typically involves altering your digestive system and thus assisting in losing weight. It is necessary to be familiar with the fact that when a person finds himself/ herself not physically fine and surrounded with health issues because of weight, bariatric surgery is called for.

Bariatric surgery is also considered as an option by the people who have exhausted themselves mentally and physically trying myriads of exercises and following hefty diet charts. 

Do you start experiencing sudden hair loss after the bariatric surgical procedure is done? The answer to this is yes. Hair loss can be extremely disheartening and insensitive for people who have just undergone this surgical process.

Though it’s not permanent, it is worst, even if it’s temporary. If a proper diet is followed after the hair starts falling, your hair will certainly start growing back. But the intensity of hair fall after the surgery is what makes people fearful.

Why does hair loss happen after bariatric surgery?

As, we are now aware of the hair fall fact after this surgery, we should also know the reasons behind this fall.

After the surgery, where considerable weight loss is very natural and speedy, there happens a deficiency of nutrients in the body, as a result, hair loss takes place.

Just because after this surgical process, the digestive system stops working properly and the body starts shifting its nutrients to the crucial organs of the body, hair growth capacity of the body declines and fall takes place.

It must be kept in your intellect that this fall only takes place for a limited period of time; this is not permanent at all. 

The hair fall is very common for a few months just after the surgery but it ultimately reduces and finally comes to an end once the body starts adjusting with the new changes.

How long will you need to experience this depressing hair fall?

Generally, hair loss takes place for a period of 6 months or less than that. This hair fall after the surgery cannot stay there for too long since effluvium does not injure hair follicles, your hair will finally start to grow up back.

You will often see most of the doctors saying that with adequate patience, time, and intake of nutrients, you will get your hair to grow back in a very less period of time.

Furthermore, patients who have undergone this surgical process must be concerned only if they experience the below-mentioned symptoms:

  • Hair loss continues to remain there even six months after the surgery. 
  • Hair loss continues to remain there for more than a year after the surgery.
  • Experiencing lower levels of zinc, protein, and ferritin.
  • Considerable loss of weight than expected.
  • Symptoms of deficiency of any kind.

How to stop hair loss after bariatric surgery?

Stop worrying and have a glimpse at some of the tips to stop hair loss after the surgery and get back your precious life on track like before:

1. Take zinc and iron supplements


Add iron and zinc supplements to your diet immediately if you suffer from hair loss even months after your bariatric surgery.

Iron is considered an important micronutrient that is associated with your hair fall. So, if you are experiencing a lot of hair fall, you need to get your iron levels checked by your doctor immediately.

Some of the sources of iron consist of green leafy veggies, egg yolk, meat, cereals, and peas, etc. Zinc supplements are equally important for hair growth, so you can start taking food loaded in zinc such as red meat, oysters, etc.

2. Take adequate sleep and mental rest

Sleeping Women

Apart from having a well-balanced diet and taking all vitamins and minerals properly, it’s important to have adequate sleep and keep yourself stress-free.

3. Vitamin intake is equally necessary


You must know the fact that insufficiency of vitamins can also make your hair fall steadily months after surgery. Vitamin intake can bring your hair growth back to normal in no time. It is advised to start taking vitamins before two weeks from the surgery for early results.

4. Eat enough protein


Protein is another tip that is advised to patients who undergo bariatric treatment. It is recommended to consume at least 60 grams of protein every day for the betterment of your hair growth.

Some protein sources such as low-fat cheese, red meat, fish and chicken, etc. can add to the growth of your hair up to a considerable extent.


So, these are some of the tips with the help of which you can add growth to your hair and put an end to sudden hair fall just after the surgical process is done.

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