HairGuard Scalp Elixir Review

In this article, we are going to talk about the HairGuard Scalp Elixir serum. If you’re looking for HairGuard Scalp Elixir Review then read the entire article.

Hair loss is something that none of us will love to go through. But it is a fact that the number of people facing hair fall is increasing day by day.

Due to the increasing demands of hair care treatment, the market is full of hair care products. HairGuard Scalp Elixir is one of them.

In this article, I am here with a detailed HairGuard Scalp Elixir Review to help you find whether this Scalp Elixir will work for you or try some other product to cure your hair fall.

HairGuard Scalp Elixir Review

HairGuard Scalp Elixir Review

This Scalp Elixir is made by the famous HairGuard situated in the UK. This is why the product name is HairGuard Scalp Elixir.

Even though the product is manufactured in the UK, you can buy it from anywhere in the UK, USA, or Canada.

It is equally effective for the scalp’s delicate and blad areas by both men and women of all ages.

The Synfolex™ blend of organic extracts is the specialty of this product, making it one of the most effective Scalp Elixir available in the market.

Most of the active ingredients used in HairGuard Scalp Elixir are natural and well known for hair loss treatment.

The product is not as popular as other Hair Care Products, but it is also gaining popularity in its product category.

Ingredients Used in HairGuard Scalp Elixir

As mentioned earlier, the manufacturer, HairGurad, tries to keep this product as natural as possible. This is why most of the active ingredients used in this product natural and organic.

Here is the list of top active ingredients used in HairGuard Scalp Elixir

Saw Palmetto

It is one of the most used ingredients in hair care products. If you check the list of any hair care product which uses natural ingredients, you will find the Saw palmetto in its ingredients list.

This is all due to the effectiveness of Saw Palmetto in the treatment of hair loss. The Saw palmetto is well known for its property to block DHT.

Apart from this, it also helps hair follicles’ growth, which results in thick and healthy hairs.

Eclipta Alba

The second name in the list of active natural ingredients used in Hairguard Scalp Elixir is Eclipta Alba.

This plant is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

If your hair fall is caused by dandruff, Eclipta Alba will come out as a savior to your hair.


Like Eclipta Alba, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. But the primary purpose of using Taurine is to protect your cells from any adverse effects caused by stress.


In HairGuard, Scalp Elixir Caffeine is also used as an ingredient. use Caffeine is used as an ingredient to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp, so that scalp and hair follicles get the required amount of nutrition


Last but not the least Synfolex™ is one of the key ingredients used in HairGuard Scalp Elixir.

Synfolex™ is a blend of organic extracts specially made to enhance hair growth and cure hair fall caused by various reasons.

How To use HairGuard Scalp Elixir

This Scalp Elixir comes in the form of a spray. So it is effortless to use. It is recommended to use it before going to bed.

You need to take care of the one thing while using HairGuard Scalp Elixir to move your hair to the side while applying Scalp Elixir.

You can see the area on your scalp that you wish to apply to the Scalp Elixir.

Once you identified the spot, open the nozzle and directly spray over the scalp.

After spraying the Elixir, massage your scalp for at least 5 to 10 minutes so that it can easily mix all around the scalp.

Note: After using Scalp Elixir, wash your hand properly with soap or handwash; you can only touch your face; otherwise, it may cause some allergic reaction to your face.

Major Pros and Cons of HairGuard Scalp Elixir

Like all the other hair care products, HairGurad Scalp Elixir also has some pros and cons. In this section, we will see some of the significant pros and cons related to HairGurad Scalp Elixir.

Let’s have a look…

  • Easy to use.
  • comparatively less price.
  • Most of the ingredients used are natural.
  • It can cause irritation.
  • Delay in deliver of product outside UK.


Now you are well known with this product, in my HairGuard Scalp Elixir Reviews, I have tried to cover all the important aspects of this product based on that you can easily decide whether you can give it a try or not.

As mentioned above the product can be used by men and women but in case of women this product is not that much effective as compare to the men.

The reason behind this is, as the women have dense and long hair there for the Spary not properly reached to the scalp.

The best thing about this product is you can combine this product with Folexin Hair Growth Supplement to get the desired result is a comparatively short time span.

If you ask for my view on is this product worth a try. I recommend you to use HairGurad Scalp Elixir along with Folexin-a Biotin based Natural supplement for better result.

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