Pantogar Review (2021)- Is it a Scam?

Hair growth supplements have emerged as one of the most popular and effective hair growth solutions. Most people find it effective in boosting hair growth in both men and women.

But it is also a fact that all the hair growth supplement available in the market are genuine.

The market is still full of Scam products.

Getting useful and promising hair growth supplements is still a tough task.

In the last few years, few hair growths supplement gains considerable popularity. Pantogar is one of them.

If you are willing to boost your hair growth, read my in-depth Pantogar Review to know is it enhance your hair growth?

In this Pantogar Review, I have discussed all the information you need to know before giving it a try?

Pantogar Review

Pantogar Review

Pantogar is a hair growth supplement manufacture by an Egypt based pharmaceutical company named Marcyrl.

It is a dedicated hair growth supplement for women.

As per the claims, Pantogar is an effective nutraceutical that’s preferred for supporting hair growth and regrowth.

The one thing which makes Pantogar different from other hair growth supplement is its formula.

Yes, unlike most of the hair growth supplement the Pantogar formula is a combination of yeast powder, herbal extract, vitamin and mineral.

As per my knowledge, it is single Yeast based hair growth supplement available in the market.

But the one thing which you should need to know there is no proof and studies on Yeast’s benefits for hair.

This is a reason I don’t trust Pantogar, and I recommend Folexin hair Growth supplement (I am also using it) to my clients.

Folexin uses clinically approve Biotin as the key ingredients along with Fo-Ti, Vitamin C, Folic acid, and other natural ingredients that support hair regrowth. The study claims that deficiency of Biotin leads to Hair loss.

The effect of Folexin are long-lasting and can be used by both men and women.

The one pack of Pantogar contains 60 capsules, and it cost about $24.99. The cost may vary (depending upon where you shop).

You can’t buy if from the official website of Pantnagar. However, you can place an order for Pantogar capsules at Amazon, Walmart, GNC and other online stores.

Ingredients used in Pantogar

It is the ingredients that make Pantagar different from other hair growth supplement. The key element of Pantogar are:

Thiamin Nitrate: It is a vitamin which is considered suitable for hair growth deficiency it can sometimes cause hair loss.

Keratin: there are studies which claim that Keratin strengthens the natural hair growth.

Saccharomyces med: It promotes healthy skin and nails.

  • Apart from these, the other ingredients used are
  • Calcium Pantothenate
  • L-Cystine
  • Para-Aminobenzoic Acid
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B5

Is Pantogar Safe For Use?

After going through all the details and ingredients of Pantogar, I did not find any ingredients which are banned or officially deemed not fit for human consumption.

Based on this information and my experience with Pantogar, I can say it is safe for use.

As I am not a doctor so, I suggest you consult your doctor before taking Pantogar capsules to avoid any health issue.

Pros and Cons of Pantogar

In this section of “Pantogar Review,” I have noted down some of the significant pros and cons of Pantogar.

It helps you in deciding whether you should try Pantogar or not. Let’s have a look.

  • Can enhance scalp health.
  • Fight against alopecia.
  • Improve hair structure.
  • Promote normal hair growth.
  • No evidence to suggest that Pantogar will cause hair to grow faster.
  • No evidence to suggest that Yeast are effective in preventing hair loss.

My Experience with Pantogar

I used Pantogar tablets for three months,three pills a day. In the first months, it seemed to effective, but then its effect disappeared even after following all the instruction for usage.

As the price of Pantogar is high and it the result after using it for three months was not satisfactory, I decide to stop taking it.

So at the end don’t find it effective to control my hair fall.

Final Verdict: Is Pantogar worth a buy?

In this Pantogar review, I have tried to cover all the details which you need to know before placing your first order for Pantogar.

The formula does contain some exceptional ingredients, but there is a lack of evidence that proves the effectiveness oh these ingredients in hair fall.

That’s why as per my opinion if you want to try a hair supplement to cure hair, I recommend you to try Folexin hair growth supplement.

Folexin used well known and clinically approved ingredients such as Biotin, Fo-Ti, Vitamin C etc. both men and women can consume it.

You will notice the result after the two weeks of its use.

After trying more than ten different hair growth supplements in the last 10 year, I find Folexin as the best.

So, for a better and long last result, I recommend you to try Folexin instead of Pantogar.

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