Rogaine Review (2021)- Best Minoxidil Hair Treatment?

Are you going to give a try to Rogaine? Are you sure? will it work for you? It is very tough to decide whether the product you are going to use will work for you or not.

But a well-researched Rogaine Review with users feedback can help you to a great extend in knowing the product before using it.

A few years back, I was also suffering from hair fall problem. I used to spend hours on the internet to read reviews and experts advice on different hair care product.

My search for an effective hair care product come to an end with Folexin hair growth supplement. But before using Folexin, I have tried a lot of hair care products.

To help thousands of people like you and me, who are still struggling to find an effective hair care product for the treatment of their hair problems. I am here with a well researched “Rogaine Review

Rogaine Review

Rogaine Review

Rogaine is a clinically tested and FDA approved hair treatment solution for men and women. As per the claims made by Rogaine, it is effective in the treatment of all type of hair problems.

But there is no specific evidence which proofs that Rogaine is useful for the treatment of all kind of hair fall and baldness.

There is a limitation with Rogaine, it only works in people with a hereditary form of hair loss at the top and back of the scalp. If you don’t have any family history of hair fall, this product will not work for you.

In this case, I find Folexin as the best hair growth supplement for the treatment of hair fall caused by the deficiency of Biotin, stress or any other reasons.

Folexin is a Biotin based hair supplement. It is one of the most used hair supplement to date. The best thing about it is the ingredients such as Biotin, Fo-Ti, Folic Acid, Vitamin and etc used in it, are natural and can be used by men and women of any age groups.

Most of the positive feedback of Rogaine comes from the user below the age of 40. For the best result, it is idle to use Rogaine at the early stage of your hair fall.

If you are facing the problem of hair fall for more than a year, there is a very less chance that it will work for you.


The active ingredient of Rogaine is 5% minoxidil. There are several clinical studies on the effectiveness of Minoxidil in heredity hair problems. Minoxidil is the only hair growth ingredients approved by the FDA to grow hair.

Apart from the Minoxidil, there are other inactive ingredients use in Rogaine are -alcohol, propylene glycol, purified water

Don’t Use Rogaine If...

There are some limitation with the use of Rogaine which you need to take into consderation before using Rogaine.

  • You are below the age of 18. The minoxidil, an active ingredient of Rogaine, may cause harm to you.
  • You don’t have any dirty hair problem. It is not effective for hair fall or baldness caused by any reason other than a genetic problem.
  •  your scalp is red, infected and starts painful itching aftertouch
  • You are experience hair for more than a year. It is only useful if you start using it in the initial stage of your hair problem.
  • Your hair falls out in patches.
  • You have any type of heart disease or problem.

Side Effect of Rogaine

Even if you full fill all the condition of using Rogaine, there is still a chance that you can experience mild to a severe side effect. The most common side effects of using Rogaine is:-

  • Change in the texture and colour of your hair.
  •  Unwanted hair growth on the forehead, top of the ear and other adjacent areas.
  • Scalp irritation after use.

Apart from these, the side effect of Rogain leads to some severe health problem. Immediately consult your doctor, If you experience any of the below mention medical conditions.

  • Sudden, unexplained weight gain
  • Faintness or dizziness
  • Swelling of your hands or feet
  • Chest pain
  •  While applying Rogaine, be very careful not to get any in your eyes. If unfortunately, it goes inside your eyes, rinse your eyes with lots of cold tap water and immediately consult an eye specialist.

NOTE: Minoxidil is an effective treament for hair loss. But, it comes with various concentration. So, you should consult a doctor or dermatologist before using any chemical-based products.

My experience with Rogaine (Minoxidil)

After using Rogaine daily for two months, I did not find any positive sign of hair growth. In fact, after using it for a week, I realise that the hair shedding has increased.

But I thought that it is very early to reach a decision and use it for one month, but hair shedding keeps increasing due to which after one month I stop using Rogaine.

Later I found a report which states that Raogain is only useful when you use it very initial stage of your hair problems and it only suits if you are below 40 of age.

In my case, my hair problem was more than a year old that why it was ineffective in curing my hair problem.

But now I am happy with my hair growth and for this credit goes to Folexin hair supplement.

Conclusion: Is it worth a buy?

Rogaine is a popular hair care product which uses Minioxidle- an FDA approved hair growth ingredients. But after going through various reports on Rogaine, hair expert opinion, hundreds of user’s reviews and based on my experience with Rogaine, I don’t find this product a promising hair care product for all.

There are lots of conditions which you will need to satisfy to get the desired result and even after meeting all the term; there is no guarantee that it will improve your hair growth.

If you are looking for an effective solution for your hair, I recommend you to go with Folexin without making a second thought. It is a natural hair growth supplement which can effectively cure any type of hair problem. I am using this product for more than a year, and I am pleased with the result.

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