Wild Growth Hair Oil Review- Does It Work?

Is your hair fall is still not cured even after using expensive hair care products? The market of hair care product is very vast, and it is turn out as one of the most profitable product genres.

Every brand is busy making a reasonable sum of money. But there is only a few hair care product which is incredibly useful and inexpensive. There are only a few products like Folexin- The best Hair supplement, which is effective and inexpensive. The Wild growth hair oil also claims the same.

Is Wild Growth Hair Oil Works?

Before giving it a try, read my detailed and unbiased Wild growth hair oil review to know all about this hair oil.

In my early 30’s I experience the hair fall problem for the first time and to cure it I have tried lots of hair care products, including hair oil, shampoo, serum, laser cap and hair growth supplement or you can say almost everything which I came to know will work for my hair. In this course of hit and trial, I also used Wild growth hair oil for hair nourishment.

In this article “Wild growth hair oil Review” I am here with all the information about this product along with my experience with this product.

The world growth hair oil claims that It is most inexpensive but most effective hair oil. To know is this claim is valid. Stay with me till the last of this unbiased review, and I assured you at the end you will be well known with this product. Let’s starts-

Wild Growth Hair Oil Review

Wild Growth Hair Oil Review

Wild Growth as a brand enters the market in the year 1985, and since then, it is has produced an array of hair care products. In the last three decades, the Wild Growth focus on manufacturing hair care product using natural ingredients.

The Wild hair growth oil is a hair growth treatment which nourishes the hair and scalp. The one thing which I like most about this oil is it also works as a conditioner and make your hair smooth, soft and silky.

It is human behaviour that we assume expensive things are excellent and effective. But as per my experience so far, I can say- it is not valid in case of every product, especially hair care products. There are few inexpensive hair care product which works well. Folexin hair Supplement as the best example of effective and inexpensive hair growth product.

Folexin- hair growth supplement. It uses natural ingredients like Biotin a clinically approved hair growth ingredient along with, Fo-Ti, Vitmanic C, Folic Acid and other which makes effective. Most of the ingredients are organic, therefore, it is suitable for men and women of all age groups.

The natural ingredients are the main USP of Wild hair growth oil which makes it inexpensive and effective at the same time. Moreover, hair oil has a reputation for rendering several benefits. Apart from hair growth, it also adds shine and lustre to the hair.

To know more in details, let move to the next section of Wild Hair Growth Oil Review, i.e. Ingredient section.


In my opinion, none of the reviews would be complete an explanation of ingredients used in it. Therefore in this section Of Wild hair growth oil review, I am here with components used in Wild hir growth.

The olive oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil are three main ingredients which hydrate and provide condition to your hair. The vitamins D present in it promotes healthy and rapid hair growth.

Another important ingredient used in Wild hair growth Oil is Phosphorus a natural ingredients which enhance hair growth and cause no side effect.

Apart from these key ingredients the other trace ingrdetns of Wild growth hair oil are

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Choline
  • Inositol
  • Magnesium

 These all organic ingredients makes Wild Growth Hair Oil as one of of the most effective and inexpensive hair oil available in the market.

How to use Wild Growth Hair Oil for best result?

For using this hair oil, there is no need for any preparation. You can apply 10-15 drops of Wild Growth Hair Oil to your scalp and hair once you apply it, on your scalp gently massage it for event distribution of all.

There is no any specific dose and amount mention by the manufacturer of Wild oil. In my case, I daily apply 8-10 drops of Wild hair growth oil on my hair and scalp and massage it for 2 minutes.

If you have thick and dense hair, you can apply 20-25 drops of oil on your scalp and massage is gently but be careful due to access of amount of oil, your hair may look greasy.

  • Enhance hair growth result in thick and long hair.
  • Reduces blow-drying time.
  • Naurish hair and scalp.
  • Eqaully suited for all.
  • Inexpensive
  • Smell is not good.
  • Using the oil leave hair oily and greasy..

My Experience With Wild Growth Hair Oil.

As you know, I was also facing hair fall problem like you. To find a good and useful hair care product, I keep looking for various product reviews and expert advice. One day in a discussion forum come to know about this wild growth hair oil.

After doing some research, I decide to give it a try as all the ingredients used are natural, and it is not expensive.

I used it for more than two months, and the result was good, but the one thing which I don’t like about Wild Growth Hair Oil is its smell. It doesn’t smell great at all. So it was tough for me to do shampoo every time after using the oil. 

Final Verdict: Is It Worth A Buy?

In this “Wild Growth Hair Oil Review,” I have covered all the details which you need to know about Wild growth oil before giving it a try. Based on the above mention information, you can decide whether it worth a buy or not.

If you ask of my opinion about using Wild Growth Hair oil- Based on my experience and other user’s review I recommend you to use this oil with Folexin Hair Growth Supplement to get a promising result. 

As the Wild growth hair oil only nourishes your scalp and hair but if you use Folexin – a Biotin based hair supplement it will provide all the vitamins and nutrition which are capable of treating all types of hair problem.

Both the Wild Growth Hair Oil and Folexin are inexpensive and effective. The combination of these two will give you an outstanding result.

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