Nioxin Review (2021)- Does It Work?

If you are searching for a hair growth product on the web, there is might be a chance that you heard of Nioxin.

But, is it only the online presence of Nioxin with a well-designed website that is enough to go for buy?

To answer all your queries related to Nioxin hair solution such as is Nioxin works for you? Where to get it? How it works, and much more. I am here with an unbiased Nioxin Review.

To know is Nioxin is a scam or not?

Stay with this article till the last, and you will get the answer to all your concern before buying a Nioxin hair solution.

In this Nioxin Review, you will get to know all the vital information related to the cost, ingredients used, how it works, and much more. Based on this information, you can easily make a smart purchase decision.

Nioxin Review

Nioxin Review

For those who have not heard about it before, Nioxin is a dedicated hair care solution for the treatment of hair problems.

It was introduced in the year 1980, and since then, it is widely used worldwide as a hair thickening solution for hair loss caused by various reasons.

As per the claims made by Nioxin- their products promote a healthier scalp environment, which provides a better and more nourished foundation for new hairs to grow.

Nioxin offers six different systems dedicated to various hair problems.

Each kit of Nioxin contains three products: a cleanser( shampoo), a conditioner, and a hair treatment system.
If you are not aware of which kits suit you, I am here to make it easy.

  • System 1: Natural – Light thinning
  • Number 2: Natural – Progressed thinning
  • System 3: Coloured – Light thinning
  • Number 4: Coloured – Progressed thinning
  • System 5: Chemically treated – Light thinning
  • Number 6: Chemically treated – Progressed thinning.

Out of these six, you can place an order of any of the systems as mentioned above based on your hair problems

How To Use Nioxin?

After going through various expert advice, medical journals, and different research papers, I can say most hair problems are related to the scalp.

If you properly take care of your scalp and give it the same attention as we offer to our skin and face the chance of hair loss problem, can we reduce to a great extent?

To clean your scalp, Nioxin uses a three-step system.

1. Cleanse/Shampoo

The Nioxin Shampoo cleans the scalp evenly and smoothly and removes all the excess sebum on the scalp. The excess of sebum leads to seborrheic dermatitis, which responsible for scalp infection, and it may cause hair loss.

Nioxin Review

The even massage of Shampo around the scalp keeps the scalp clean, and thus, hair root gets more robust in the absence of excess sebum and pollution deposited on the scalp.

2. Optimize/ Conditioner

After using shampoo, the hair gets dry and looks rough to make hair smooth and shining here comes the conditioner.

After the application of a few drops of conditioner, the hair became smooth, and the hair texture also gets improved.

3. Scalp treatment

It is one of the essential parts of the Nioxin three-step system. Once you get ready with a clean scalp and hair after the above two processes, now its time to apply a few drops of Nioxin scalp treatment on your scalp.

It protects the scalp with pollution and safe the hair follicles. It is easy to use; spray it into your scalp and comb it with your finger to reach all around the scalp.

Major Pros and Cons of Nioxin

 In all my hair product reviews, I never miss to mention the significant pros and cons of that particular product, and following the same tradition in Nioxin Review, I am here with the Pros and cons section.

Like every product Nioxin to have some significant pros and cons, so let’s have a look. It will help you in deciding whether this product is an excellent choice for you or not.


  • It mainly focuses on improving scalp health by protecting it from harmful pollutants.
  • It promotes strengthening, nourishment, and repair of thinning hair
  • Provide required moisture balance to both scalp and hair, and 
  • Improve the texture and density of each strand


  •  After knowing the significant benefits or you can say Pros, now its time to know the cons:-
  • If you are willing to use this for hair regrowth, please don’t buy it.
  • It is only suited for the repair of thinning hair.
  • For getting the permanent result, you have to use it for a longer time, like 6 months or even more than it.

Is the Use of Nioxin Cause Any Side Effect?

After going through several user’s feedback and based on my experience, I can say that there are not such severe or life-threatening side effects

In most of the cases after first time use the user’s experience

  • Irritation
  • A cooling sensation
  • Redness of the scalp
  • Dry strand, and
  • Increase in hair fall

All the above-mentioned side effects are not that much serious so you can take it as usual.

But if you are allergic to any of the active ingredients, there might be a chance that you will experience a more severe reaction.

In that case, immediately stop the use of it and consult the doctor.

Note I am not a doctor or specialist, so if you feel any doubt about the side effect, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before starting its use.

Final verdict: Is it worth a buy?

I have tried to cover all the required details about Nioxin. I hope that now after going through my review, you can easily make a smart decision about Nioxin.

The product has mixed user feedback, making it tough to decide whether to go with it.

If you ask for my opinion about Nioxin, based on my experience of using Nioxin for two months, I recommend using this product with Folexin hair growth supplements.

Nioxin only focuses on the repair of hair thinning, not on the hair regrowth.

So if you use Nioxin with Folexin supplements containing Fo-Ti, Biotin Vitamin C as active ingredients which cause hair regrowth. Your overall result will be more satisfactory.

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