Can Hard Water Cause Hair Loss?

There are various factors that are responsible for hair fall and thinning. You can experience hair fall due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, genetic inheritance, or due to side effects of medicine or medical treatment.

But most of the time we miss a very important factor which is responsible for hair loss.

Can you guess it?

Okay, let me tell you, it is the type of water your hair is exposed to.

Even after taking the best hair supplement pills and trying out every shampoo or conditioner available in the market to stop hair fall, your hair fall is not yet cured.

It is time to check your water quality.

I am not talking about only drinking water. It also includes the water in your shower, swimming pool, and other places where your hair comes in contact with water.

There are several officially approved reports which state that hard water cause hair loss.

In this article “Can Hard Water Cause Hair Loss” I am here with all the details on Hard water and its role in hair fall.

Let’s starts with a very obvious but most important question-

What is Hard Water?

Can Hard Water Causes Hair Loss

We all know about the water and its role in or life. So the question is how hard water is different from normal water we use to drink.

As per the definition of hard water mention in WikipediaHard water is water that has high mineral content such as calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates.”

How can you identify water is hard water or soft water?

If you want to know is your hair fall is caused by hard water?

Then it is very important to know how can you identify the water you are using is hard water or soft water.

It is very very tough to decide water is hard water or soft water by looking at it. So for a 100% confirmation, you need to go for the water test.

But there are some signs which help you in identifying hard water without going for a water test.

  • Feeling a film on your hands after washing them: If you experience a film on your hand after washing it is due to a chemical reaction between calcium and soap.
  • Less Lather: You may find it is harder to get soap and shampoo to lather up, it is an indication that the water you are using is hard water.
  • Spots: Due to deposition of calcium carbonate you can see spots on glasses and silverware come out of the dishwasher.
  • Low water pressure in water tap. Due to the deposition of mineral on the inner dia of the water pipe, the pressure in pipe gets reduced.

Why Hard Water Cause Hair Loss

Hard water is considered as one of the most common reasons behind the hair fall. Because the presence of a mineral in water results in very less lather formation and thus a good rinse is not achieved.

This continues buildup of dust and pollution on your scalp and hair which damage hair follicles and your hair starts falling or getting thin.

But this is not the end. Due to the presence of minerals the hard water act as a positively charge particles while the hair negatively charge particle.

Due to this, a magnetic attraction developed between the minerals and the hair which cause huge damage to hair.

As mentioned above the minerals present in hard water block the pores on the scalp due to which hair follicle does not get the required nutrition from your hair growth shampoos.

It results in hair thinning, hair fall, scalp infection, and scalp inflammation.

How Can You Save Your Hair From Hard Water?

The best way to save your hair from falling due to hard water is- avoid any contact of your hair with hard water.

Check the quality of water you are using in shower or the quality of water in your swimming pool to confirm the water in which you expose your hair is hard water or soft water.

But for those who frequently travel or one who find it tough to check the quality of water you can also reduce the chance of your hair fall due to hard water.

I am here with some easy solution to reduce the chance of hair fall and thinning due to hard water.

Along with the below mention steps you can also take FolexinA Biotin based clinically approved Hair growth Supplement to fight against the hair fall caused by hard water or any other reason

The ingredients present in Folexin enhance the health of hair follicles which are affected by the hard water.

  • Use Deep Cleansing Shampoo: Use a deep cleaning shampoo at least once in a week. It helps in removing debris and dirt build-up on the scalp due to hard water.
  • Vinegar Rinse: Vinegar is antimicrobial in nature. The regular use of a few drops of Vinegar is effective in neutralizing the effect of hard water.
  • Citric Rinse: Mix a few drops of lemon (a good source of Citic) in water and apply the mixture on your scalp before using a shampoo.
  • Or you can directly use the lemon juice on the scalp before wash your hair with shampoo.
  • Water Softeners: It is used to reduce the hardness of the water. You can easily get it in the market or online store. By using water softeners you can make hard water good for use.


There are various research reports which state that Hard water can cause hair fall and hair thinning. By checking the quality of your water you can easily avoid the hair fall due to hard water.

But it is also a fact the Hard water is not the only cause for hair loss, There are lots of other reasons too.

So to avoid hair loss and regain the natural hair growth you can use Folexin hair growth supplement.

Folexin is a clinically approved hair growth which is made up of only natural ingredients.

Regular use of Folexin meets the requirement of vitamins mineral and other micronutrients which are necessary for hair growth.

For a healthy hair no matter you are male or female I recommend you to use Folexin hair growth supplement

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