Rejuvalex Review (2021)- Did It Worked For Me?

Hair fall is a pretty common problem and I am sure that some of you must be facing it too. Dry and brittle hair was always my concern. On top of that, seeing clumps of hair in the washroom drain or your hairbrush is a painful sight.

Of course, I tried several products for my hair issues but did not see any visible results. From changing shampoos, conditioners to opting for different oils, I tried it all. Further, I switched to hair supplements in the hope that they will do some good to my damaged hair.

In this article, I will share my experience with you and tell you all about Rejuvalex. Before we get into it, I want to tell you that I have used this product for two months now so my reviews are based on the results I have achieved in this time period.

What Is Rejuvalex?

Rejuvalex Supplement

Rejuvalex claims to help people if they are suffering from issues like hair thinning, breakage of hair, pattern baldness and hair loss.

Since it is made with a powerful combination of Biotin, collagen, vitamin, and minerals, Rejuvalex stimulates natural hair growth.

Just like your body needs essential vitamins to function, your hair needs multivitamins too so that it can remain healthy.

Moreover, the product is suitable for both men and women who wish to cure their hair-related issues. Rejuvalex proudly argues that it will assist you in fighting hair loss for thicker and fuller hair.

The brand promotes renewed hair follicles, reduces the signs of balding, and makes you look younger as well. Furthermore, the hair supplement creates more cells and activates the blood cells in the scalp.

This broad-spectrum nutritional supplement is US-based and has served several thousand customers across the world.

What Ingredients Present In Rajuvalex?

The first and foremost thing to check in any product is the ingredients present in it. Honestly, Rejuvalex has some pretty great ingredients present in it.

Rejuvalex Ingredient

Here are some key ingredients involved in the formula-

1. Biotin

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that belongs to the vitamin B complex family. It is surely one of the most important ingredients as it can help your body in metabolizing amino acids, carbohydrates, and fats. Along with restoring the elasticity of hair, it prevents your hair from breakage.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is well known for boosting collagen levels and it also promotes the absorption of iron which keeps your hair healthy. This ingredient imparts a beautiful shine to your hair and enables healthy scalp cells to grow.

3. Calcium

Calcium is a vital ingredient when it comes to stimulating hair growth. The deficiency of calcium is a major reason for hair thinning. Not only does calcium maintains a healthy cycle of your hair but it also ensures proper growth of hair.

4. Silica

Silica is the only ingredient that is accountable for improving hormone levels. It keeps the hormonal levels balanced so your hair growth takes place naturally. Plus, silica can boost the texture of your hair and reduce your hair fall to a great extent.

5. Folic Acid

Since folic acid is a source of significant vitamins, it stimulates hair growth. Alongside, it can replenish cells as well as tissues.  Folic acid is truly responsible for healthy cell growth.

6. Vitamin A

Vitamin A produces sebum that is necessary for the scalp. It provides hydration and the required moisture to the scalp and makes hair stronger. Deficiency of vitamin A can lead to hair fall so this ingredient is necessary for healthy hair.

How Does Rejuvalex Work?

Rejuvalex has a pretty simple working as the formula works in four stages of the natural hair cycle. While the natural ingredients nourish the scalp, they also support hair growth.

From promoting regrowth of hair follicles to supporting hair growth in the sebaceous glands, the ingredients do it all.

The brand claims that this hair supplement addresses every issue but it is certainly not true.

Apart from hair, Rejuvalex also asserts that it can improve your skin and help in the growth of nails. It may have worked for some people but I didn’t see any difference in my nails or my skin.

Did Rejuvalex Worked For Me?

I know you must be wondering if Rejuvalex is a genuine brand or not. Several brands claim the same thing but they do not do anything to your hair.

Well, I have used this hair supplement for about two months now and it would be safe to say that I have not noticed any change in my hair.

Although the brand recommends using the product regularly for 90 days, I would have appreciated it if even the slightest change was visible.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, Rejuvalex believes that it is the one mystic solution for all your hair problems. However, I did not see that the treatment addressed even a single hair issue.

Yes, the ingredients present in the formula are just amazing and they make you buy this product but they did not work out well for me.

Before using this product, I had clumps of hair in the drain and after swearing by this product for two months, I still have clumps of hair.

Also, I did not expect the hair supplement to magically stop my hair fall or grow two inches of hair overnight.

What I did expect was that it will slow down my hair fall, impart a shine to my hair so that they look healthy, and also provide moisture to it.

I am quite disappointed after seeing that I still have dry hair and I am still dealing with hair-related issues. To answer the question simply, no, Rejuvalex did not work for me and I will not recommend it to anyone.

Since different products work for different people, it may show effects on your hair but Rejuvalex is a big no for me.

How To Use Rejuvalex?

The one thing that I do like about Rejuvalex is that it is easy to use. All you have to do is take two pills daily and that’s it. You can put reminders on your phone so you do not miss any dose.

If you want to try out this product and see if it works for you or not then ensure that you consume the pills regularly and only then you will be able to come to a decision.

Where Can You Buy Rejuvalex?

Rejuvalex hair supplement is available on Amazon. You can buy it from Amazon.

Rejuvalex Customer Reviews

Looking at the popularity of Rejuvalex, it was a bummer to see tonnes of negative customer reviews. I checked on several online stores where Rejuvalex is available and the ratings were pretty bad.

Other customers too were unhappy with the product and thought that it was a waste of time as well as money. There were some rare reviews that were all praises about the brand but you do not know if they are real or fake.


This was my take on the hair supplement Rejuvalex. You can give it a try if you wish so. It surely was not a good choice for me but maybe it will work for you so decide accordingly. Do your research before buying the product as it is quite expensive.

Bottom Line -Should You Buy Rejuvalex?

After looking at customer’s feedback and my personal experience, I would not recommend Rejuvalex.

I would rather recommend Folexin (Fo-Toi, Saw Palmetto, Biotin) hair supplement. Because I personally found it effective in hair loss treatment.

Also, there are thousands of other satisfied customers which are using Folexin for more than 4-months. It’s less expensive in comparison to other hair growth supplements.

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