What Causes Hair Fall?

According to a survey in 2014, almost 35 million men and 21 million women in the United States of America are facing hair fall. This number is increasing rapidly with age.

There must be some reasons that cause hair fall in such huge numbers. In this guide, we shall discuss all the possible causes of hair loss. If you don’t know what causes hair fall then read this guide completely.

What Causes Hair Fall?

What causes hair fall

Are you worried when you see- your bed is full of broken hair every morning? There are 60% men and 40% women going with this phase.

There are various reasons for hair loss in males and females. We shall discuss them individually. We have already published a detailed guide on- what causes hair loss in females, you can read that.

These are some common causes of hair fall in males-

1. Genetic Inheritance

In medical terms, this is called Androgenetic alopecia. It’s quite a common cause of hair loss in both, male and female.

In such a type of alopecia, males lose their hair from the crown of the head. Female faces hair thinning all across the head.

In androgenetic alopecia, males usually notice the hair fall after the 20s while females notice after their first menopause.


This type of hair fall can be treated with minoxidil and effective hair growth medication.

2. Mental Stress

Physical and psychological stress is yet another common cause of hair fall. The research found that, people who have an anxiety disorder or went through critical disease faced hair loss after recovery.


It can be cured with daily exercise, yoga, meditation, a nutrient-rich diet, and other stress management strategies.

3. Hormonal Changes

The majority of females face hair fall during childbirth or while in menopause. It also depends on various hormonal changes.

The research found that- DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormones are the prime culprit for male pattern baldness.

If you’re taking any regular medicine or having thyroid, then it could a strong reason for hair fall in both, male and female.


Some DHT blocker shampoo and conditioners are effective in the treatment of hair loss due to DHT. However, you should consult your doctor and explain that you’re facing hair loss.

4. Hairstyling Products

Due to the excessive use of hair styling products, lots of people are going through permanent hair loss. This type of hair loss is called traction alopecia. This could be another major cause of hair fall in your case.


Avoid the excessive use of hair styling products and wash your hair with organic shampoo instead of chemical-based shampoo and conditioner.

5. Nutrition Deficiency

Just like your other body organs and parts, hair, scalp, and follicles need vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc, and many other nutrients required for healthy hair.

If your diet doesn’t contain these nutrients, you will face hair loss problems.


You should review your daily diet and ensure that you’re eating enough nutrients that are required for hair. You can take Biotin supplements additionally to fulfill the requirements.


There are thousands of reasons for hair fall in women and men. But, out of them, these are the top 5 causes of hair fall in men. If you’re facing hair loss, then review the above reasons to find out the actual cause of hair fall and start the treatment accordingly.

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